(Last Updated On: 15th January 2021)
    The popular flaky treats may satisfy you when you’re on the go but pasties are full of saturated fat, the kind that increases cholesterol and clogs your arteries. The average 150g slice contains 18g of fat, 425 calories and generally plenty of highly processed fatty meat.
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    The moreish quality of crisps can probably be put down to their high saturated fat and salt content. The lighter versions may have marginally less saturated fat and salt than the normal version, but they are still deep fried and full of empt calories. 
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    We are a nation hooked on caffeine. These stimulating drinks contain polyphenols, which restrict your body from absorbing iron from food when you eat. Iron is an important mineral necessary for oxygen to travel around the body and produce energy.
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    The fact that these are Homer Simpson’s favourite food should give you a warning. Just one can contain up to 300 calories. Doughnuts are simply sugar and refined carbs in a gloopy deep-fried mess and full or trans fats, notorious for clogging up arteries and raising cholesterol.
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    Yes, fish is full of energy-producing B vitamins but much of the goodness is cancelled out when dipped in fat-laden batter. As for the chips, when starchy foods like potatoes are cooked at high temperatures they form a by-product called acrylamide, which may cause cancer.
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    Remember when you were little and dropped your milk tooth into a fizzy drink to watch it bubble into nothing? Well, that’s a combination of the acidity and the 30 teaspoons of sugar in each can that your dentist warned you about. The 150 calories won’t do your waistline any favours either.
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    When the label tells you it’s low-fat, that doesn’t mean it won’t make you fat. When they take out the fat they usually pour in sugar, salt and other hidden additives to keep the flavour good. Most low-fat foods have only 10-30 percent fewer calories than the full-fat versions.
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    Not only has white bread been stripped of all its goodness during the milling process but it also falls high on the glycaemic index. High GI carbs make it easy for your body to break food down into simple sugars, which flood your body with insulin, influencing fat storage.
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    Avoid sugary and refined breakfast cereals because they are low in fibre and high in sugar. Research suggests that eating foods that have a high glycaemic index first thing in the morning causes a rapid sugar rush, making you physically and mentally exhausted and more likely to snack in the mid morning.
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    Ready meals – even so-called ‘healthy’ ready meals – are usually full of hidden ingredients, such as additives and extra salt. Too much salt can cause your body to hold on to water, making you feel bloated and dehydrated. Cook your meals from scratch and you will have more control over your ingredients.
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