(Last Updated On: 20th June 2020)

Burn body fast even faster by eating smarter

When you want to transform your body by shifting excess fat and sculpting hard, lean muscle you need your training plan to be on point. But without a similarity effective nutrition plan your efforts will be in vain and you’ll never build the better body you want. A diet high in muscle-building protein and healthy sources of fat will provide all the essential nutrients you need to strip away fat while adding new muscle tissue, while some well-timed carbs will help fuel your workouts and your recovery. Put this good eating guide into action and watch your body change shape quicker than you ever thought possible.

1. Start the day strong

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, because what you eat first helps dictate better eating habits until bedtime. A cooked breakfast of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre – think eggs, bacon, and yes, some green vegetables – provides a sustained release of energy, so you won’t want to snack before lunch.

2. Go green at lunchtime

Swapping a packaged sandwich and crisps for a big bowl of green leaves and mixed veg with chicken, tuna or another quality protein source will help shrink your belly fast. A lunch like this will provide muscle-building protein, more stomach-filling fibre to ward off cravings, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals that’ll keep your fat-torching mission on track.

3. Make a meal of dinner

Your final meal of the day needs to be high in protein, especially if you’ve just worked out, to help the repair of your damaged muscles. Baked salmon, grilled steak or chicken breasts on top of a pile of grilled or roasted veg will provide all your body needs. Add avocado or home-made hummus for some healthy fats to allow your body to better absorb certain vitamins.

4. Be clever with carbs

To make your diet effective you need to be clever with your carbs. A small amount of certain carbs – such as sweet potato or wholegrain rice – with dinner after training can aid recovery and help you get to sleep quicker. But the sugars and processed carbs found in chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sodas should be avoided if you want to burn fat and not gain it.

5. Drink like a fish 

Being hydrated is crucial to getting lean quickly because if your body is struggling with the mental and physical problems of dehydration, it doesn’t have the resources or inclination to burn fat. Aim to drink at least 3 litres of water per day – carry a big bottle with you and sip constantly – and drink more on training days when it’s hot.

6. Time to snack smarter

To burn fat you need to be in a calorie deficit (expending more than you take in) so inevitably you will feel hungry at times. Nutrient-dense snacks – nuts, natural yoghurt, beef jerky – will fill you up and top up your intake of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Avoid high-sugar nutrient-light snacks and watch your belly melt away.


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