(Last Updated On: 5th July 2020)

It’s time to put down the mince pies and unlock your body’s hidden potential

Muscular. Lean. Strong. We all have the potential to build a body like this. If, however, you spent this Christmas munching on mince pies or, worse, spend every Christmas munching your way through family packs of mince pies – on top of crisps, cakes and pints of lager – you may feel like there’s a fat chance of that.

Think again. You hold in your hands the key to unlocking the ripped, powerful version of you hiding inside. This no-nonsense guide will get you fit no matter what your starting point. The avalanche of convoluted fitness information you’ll find on the internet and in other magazines can leave you feeling ready to give up before you’ve started. We’ve seen it. But we know the essentials: how and where to train, and how to eat for the best results.

We’ve consulted the country’s leading experts in each area to bring you jargon- free advice that will help you make the right decisions and take the first steps down the path to the body you want.

Whether it’s training facilities, kit, diet or supplements, we’ve got the crucial facts you need. You can then kick off your training with our effective, beginner friendly workout programme that helps to build muscle and torch fat in just four weeks.

If you’ve got the will to get into the shape of your life, this is the way.

What we’ll cover

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