The Benefits of Squats

There have been few exercises that have attracted as much attention in recent years as the squat. With the internet flooded with 60-day squat challenges and thousands of ‘fitspo’ photos showing the benefits of squats on the derriere, men and women all over the UK have been getting involved.

Keep Fit 4 Summer on 15th January 2019

HIIT: Everything You Need to Know

If you feel like you spend hours pounding the treadmill, exercise bike and crosstrainer but still aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for, then you may want to consider HIIT. Not only can this method of training apparently cut body fat and increase your metabolism more effectively than standard cardio – but you could also […]

Keep Fit 4 Summer on 25th March 2017

How to get the perfect abs

Want six-pack success? The right mix of fat-blasting exercises and a lean, mean diet will get you there. We all have six-pack abs, but making the most of them is a case of stripping away unwanted fat and building and toning the muscle to improve its appearance. This is achieved by creating a deficit between […]

Keep Fit 4 Summer on 20th March 2017
Featured The Benefits of Squats


30 Foods Every Man Should Eat…

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Meet your muscles

Car mechanics understand every inch of a car before they start servicing, repairing or maintaining it. Before you start trying to enhance your physique, you should have a working knowledge of the major muscle groups that power your body. Chest The pectoralis...Read More