(Last Updated On: 13th January 2021)

Going to the gym on a daily basis is very hectic for most people despite the numerous advantages attributed to doing so. More and more people are now opting to buy home fitness equipment to get control of their health and fitness, the rowing machine being one of the crucial ones. Nonetheless, you can only get the proper benefits of a rowing machine if you buy the right one to suit your fitness needs. To help you make the right choice, we have created a rowing machine buying guide with clear factors you should consider before making your decision.

Consider the different types of rowing machines

There are different types of rowing machines you have to first consider before making your buying decisions. There are magnetic resistance rowers, air resistance rowers, water resistance rowers, and hydraulic resistance rowers. The different models are based on resistance required from users and should be a very crucial aspect in decision making. To ensure that you do not simply buy a rowing machine for the sake of it, only buy a rowing machine that fits with your style. For example, you may need an air resistance rower for indoor workouts, but need water resistance rowers for water-based workouts outside.

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Your body size/rowing machine size

Your body size and that of the rowing machine is a very critical factor to consider when looking buying one for your home workouts. For example, if you are tall, around 6 feet tall, you will need to buy a full-length rowing machine to be able to exercise effectively. It is also very essential for you to focus on the size of the room where you plan to keep your rowing machine as this determines how you will live with the rower.

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Features and console

Like other cardio workout machines, the rower comes with different accessories and features, top among these being the display consoles and the features they have. Most rowing machines have a display console shows the distance covered, speed, time and the number of calories burnt during the workout. Basic consoles tend to be cheaper compared to those with more features and it may be a factor worthy considering when making your buying decision.


Truth be told, a rowing machine with a poor seat is a pain. You need a rowing machine that is not only well equipped with useful features, but one that has a comfortable sitting area for more safety during workouts. Although basic padded seats work well, you can be more comfortable and efficient in your workouts with rowers with more comfortable sitting apparatus.

Buying benefits

Before buying a rowing machine, the buy needs to have more for you as an individual. Do you get service for the machine? Does the seller provide reasonable warranties for you? Looking at the benefits you will get from buying, from say, a particular vendor gives you more freedom to get the best rowing machine for your needs.

As you can see, considering the various types of rowing machines in the market, the comfort of seats, console features, size and buying conditions before making a buying decision can help you make the best choice.