(Last Updated On: 5th July 2020)

Sean Lerwill, one of the UK’s leading personal trainers gives his advice on how to pick the right personal trainer for your aims

“All personal trainers should have passed a level three REPs [Register of Exercise Professionals] qualification,” says Lerwill. “You can expect them to charge anything from £30 an hour – that’s for the guys you’ll find in the gym chains – to £500 an hour for those who train celebrities or are ex-pro athletes.

“One problem in the UK is that many PTs pay rent to gyms, so they’ll take on any client to cover their costs,” says Lerwill. “So you may get a coach who specialises in taking on someone who wants a cover model body or vice versa. This means they’ll muddle through training without really knowing what they’re doing.”

So do your homework. “Before signing up, ask for evidence of success stories,” says Lerwill. “A PT needs to be more than just a fun person. If they’re genuinely good, they’ll have clients who’ll be happy to talk to you, so don’t be afraid to ask to be put in contact with someone.”

You’ll soon know if you’ve found the right one. “A good personal trainer will quickly develop a rapport with their client, and be attentive and empathetic. They’ll always be on time, have good personal hygiene, a genuine interest in training and the know-how that will help their clients achieve their goals.”

Article credits: mensfitness.co.uk